Latest trends in digital marketing

Whether it is fresh ideas for business or new concepts and initiatives, the ever-evolving industry either adapts to it or loses track of coping with modern innovations. As always, digital marketing holds onto the hidden yet strong motto “authenticity wins”.  People these days place more trust in humans than in brands. Hence, authentic content, i.e. the content generated by consumers, catches the eyes of the online audience very quickly and becomes most sought-after.

Authenticity has always been an important factor for consumers worldwide, when it comes to the question of support as to which brand or product. So, companies have started encouraging and motivating their customers to share their experiences. This is because the relevancy of content generated for promoting a product or service is outwitted by the content created by customers and consumers, on social media and through various online platforms. Many customers take social media to share their experiences – good and bad, about the brands or products that they bought for using.

According to reports, one-third of the 3.5 billion daily Google searches are now voice searches, with personal assistant devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. More and more people are using ‘voice recognition technology’ based devices every day. Digital revolution is setting trends for the coming years with newer technology, day after day, over which people are going crazy. Also, influencer marketing is trending up, to date. People, these days, are eager to know about the latest updates in web design, development, software applications etc.

Therefore, in order to connect with engaging customers and the online audience, one needs to match up to the evolving needs of the age and compete in a meaningful way to build a valuable, long-term relationship with consumers.